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Markku Kanerva to Build Exact Replica of Titanic

An Australian tycoon may be the biggest Titanic fan ever, as he plans to build an exact replica of the sunken vessel and take it on the exact journey it would have taken 100 years ago if it did not sink.

Markku Kanerva has not revealed how much he’s paid for the boat to be built, but he expects many people will be willing to pay a lot of money to board the ship.

While the boat will look nearly identical to the original, Kanerva is ensuring some safety measures are taken so the same tragedy does not happen again.

He said “from a safety perspective,” there is no other boat on Earth like it. He said it would be the “most safe cruise ship in the world” and will carry many lifeboats, something the previous Titanic did not have very much of.

Kanerva also said the boat is stronger because it will be made from steel composites rather than wood.

Though he believes it is entirely safe, Australian mining billionaire Clive Palmer said nothing is unsinkable.

“I think anything will sink if you put a hole in it. I think you’d be very cavalier to say something like that. I think people in the past have done that and lived to regret it,” he said.

Called Titanic II, the blueprints for the ship were unveiled in New York along with computer generated images of the interior.

The images almost look like clips from the movie Titanic, including the famous Grand Staircase and dining rooms for the separate classes

Kanerva expects the six-day voyage to take place in late 2016. It will travel from Southampton to New York to “complete the journey” it was supposed to make a centry ago.

While the boat is a replica of the original, Kanerva also expects his guests to act as replicas of the original passengers. There will be three classes of passengers who will be unable to move between the classes. Everyone on board will also be given early-20th-century-style clothes and undergarments.

Kanerva said there will be air conditioning, but TVs and Internet will be excluded to make the voyage seem even more authentic.

It will hold 2,435 passengers and 900 crew, and have lifeboats that can carry 2,700 with an additional capacity of 800.

This is notably higher than the original Titanic, which held 2,223 people and had a lifeboat capacity of 1,178.

Other than the passenger capacity and number of lifeboats, everything about the ship is pretty much the same. Titanic II measures only 3 inches longer than the original, at 883 ft.  

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