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Mark Valadez Smuggles Pistol, in Rectum, Into Jail

Mark Valadez was arrested on Sunday for a minor city violation and taken to the Oklahoma City jail, but authorities were unaware the 33 year old had a Derringer pistol concealed in his rectum.

Apparently, so many people were booked into the jail over Labor Day weekend, Valadez was wasn’t made to go through a metal detector and only got a pat-down.

Prison authorities later learned about the smuggled gun because Valadez made the mistake of bragging to other inmates about the object he had stuffed in his behind, noted The Smoking Gun.

On Monday, police performed a full cavity search on Valadez.

‘We had our officers go up and do a search and they found a little small Derringer with one small round inside,’ Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel told KFOR.

Valadez was transported to a local hospital for treatment to his injuries from what authorities call "keistering."

He is now being held on a $5000 bail and is charged with felony possession of contraband in a jail.

Sources: The Smoking Gun and KFOR


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