Mark Kelly Admits Background Check Didn't Stop Gabby Giffords Shooting (Video)


Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords have been two of the more respected voices pushing for increased gun control to speak out over the past few months. While both have consistently asked for expanded background checks and the closing of loopholes as they pertain to firearm transfers, they have also repeatedly maintained that, as gun owners themselves, they don’t want to ban all guns. Rather, their goal is simply to ensure that what happened in Tucson two years ago never happens again.

While appearing on Fox News Sunday this past weekend, Kelly passionately made the case that the nation both supports and needs expanded background checks. However, host Chris Wallace quickly offered a counterpoint; he noted that the man who attempted to assassinate Giffords, Jared Lee Loughner, actually passed a background check when he bought the gun he used in the Tucson shooting.

Presented with this bit of information, Kelly acknowledged that mental health records are woefully inadequate right now, and that too needed to be resolved.

“In the case of the shooter in Tucson, the information on his mental illness that caused him to get expelled from community college that should have been in the system. His admitted drug use to the US Army that rejected him should have been in the system. So he should have, if we had a system, if we improved the system, he would have been rejected from buying a gun in the gun store,” he said.

When Wallace asked him if the NRA was right about more mental health records needing to be a part of background checks, Kelly replied:  “They absolutely have a point. They are right on that issue. We need to encourage states to include mental health records.”

You can check out the pair’s conversation in the video below.

Source: Mediaite


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