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Marissa Mayer Shrugs Off Sexist Comment at Yahoo Shareholder Meeting (Video)

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At Yahoo’s first annual shareholder meeting, stockholder George Polis stood to ask CEO Marissa Mayer a question and prefaced it with a comment on her physical appearance.

"I'm Greek and I'm a dirty old man, and you look attractive," Polis said, following with a question on dividends.

The manly male audience laughed at his comment while Mayer shrugged it off and allowed her colleague to answer Polis’ question.

That was the first in a slew of other irrelevant comments and questions asked by shareholders during the meeting, including who she would support during the Green Bay Packers vs. 49ers game.

Mayer was also asked why she was not a better advocate for shareholders on the Walmart board of directors, of which she is a member. Mayer briskly reminded the audience that the meeting was on Yahoo stockholders, not Walmart, and she dismissed further questions on the topic.

The Huffington Post pointed out that many of the audiences’ questions stemmed from pure sexism and noted that no one would ever stand up in a meeting and ask Mark Zuckerburg inane questions.

Returning to the purpose of the meeting, Mayer was finally able to share the company’s skyrocketing statistics. Both Flickr and Yahoo mobile email have seen more than a 50 percent increase in usage in what Mayer expects will make Yahoo more competitive.

“All of our growth is going to start with our users,” she said, praising the company’s acquirement of user-motivated Tumblr.

Sources: The Drum, The Huffington Post


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