Woman Shot Wall As Her Estranged Husband Charged Her, Now Faces 60 Years In Prison


A Florida woman who says she fired a warning shot at her estranged husband when he allegedly threatened to kill her was denied a Stand Your Ground hearing by a circuit court judge.

Alexander, 33, was previously convicted of aggravated assault and sentenced to 20 years. That conviction was overturned on appeal.

Circuit Judge James Daniel denied her request for a Stand Your Ground hearing on Friday, stating that she could not have a second hearing on the same case.

She is accused of trying to shoot her husband, Rico Gray, and his two children from a previous relationship.

Alexander insists Gray began accusing her of cheating on him, telling her he questioned whether he was the father of her newborn. She claims she locked herself in a bathroom when the argument grew heated and Gray broke down the door. He allegedly grabbed her neck and shoved her to the floor, according to court documents. She broke free, ran to the garage and tried to escape but the door wouldn’t open. She took a gun from the glove compartment of the car and went back into the house. She says Gray charged at her and fearing for her life she fired. The bullet hit the wall.

Prosecutors argue it wasn’t a warning shot and that it could have hit Gray or his children.

Alexander, who has no previous criminal record, faces up to 60 years in prison, the Florida Times-Union reports.

Her second trial is scheduled to begin Dec. 1.

"The State stands ready to take this case to trial and seek justice for our two child victims and their father,” the State Attorney’s Office said in a statement.

Sources: First Coast News, Florida Times-Union

Image screenshot: WTEV-TV, First Coast News


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