Marion County Sheriff's Dpt. Drops All Charges Against Man Tased, Arrested By Police

Florida authorities have dropped all charges against a 60-year-old man who deputies tased and arrested in mid-May after he repeatedly told them that his son who they had pulled over was autistic.

Police charged Roy Sherman with assaulting a deputy after he allegedly resisted arrest, according to Florida CopWatch.

Sherman said that he had arrived at the scene after his 22-year-old son called him and told him that he had been pulled over in a traffic stop in Marion County. Because his son is autistic and he wanted to make sure that the traffic stop went smoothly, Sherman drove up alongside the deputies and his son and talked to them, according to the Free Thought Project.

Sherman said he did not exit his car and kept it on as he talked with the deputies and told them that his son had autism and that he was his father.

But police did not want Sherman to stay at the scene and asked for him to leave. When Sherman refused and got noticeably frustrated, officers said he would be arrested for not going.

The father responded that he was not being arrested because he had done nothing wrong to warrant it. That’s when one deputy tried to pull him out of the vehicle and Sherman resisted.

When Sherman was eventually forced out by the two men, he was tased and fell to the ground.

“I went down on my knees, then both officers jumped on me and slammed me into the pavement. They handcuffed me laying on the ground and put the taser to my lower spine and tased me four more times,” Sherman said. “I was put in the police car and taken to jail, where I posted bond.”

After looking into what transpired, the department decided to drop all chargs.

Source: Free Thought Project, Florida CopWatch


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