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Marines Share Photo Of Nude Unconscious Woman

Marines Share Photo Of Nude Unconscious Woman Promo Image

Marines have reportedly shared a nude picture of an unconscious woman, along with 3,863 photos and videos of female service members, online.

According to The Daily Beast, the X-rated content was collected in a Dropbox folder titled "Girls of MU," which was shared in a closed Facebook group titled Mike Uniform.

A spokesman for the Marines told the news site that the Naval Criminal Investigative Service became aware of the online porn stash on July 7: "[The] Marine Corps, with the support of NCIS, continues to identify, investigate, and hold accountable those who violate our policies and standards. We take all allegations of misconduct seriously. Disrespect, in any form, will not be tolerated."

The pornographic content reportedly includes homemade videos, selfies, professionally produced porn and Snapchat stories.

The unconscious woman was photographed by a man whose reflected face was unidentifiable in the picture.

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The sexually explicit material also includes a video of ex-Marine Kally Wayne, who told ABC News in March how she was victimized by an ex-boyfriend who uploaded their private sex tape. The tape was originally accessible through another Facebook group, Marines United.

"I felt like my privacy had been taken away from me," Wayne stated. "Having to go through being harassed constantly every day of my life for the past year just because of a mistake I made four years ago is not anything anyone deserves to go through."

Former Marine and current journalist Thomas Brennan told ABC News how the photos and videos were connected to the Marines United Facebook group: "There were a nefarious few that decided to sexually exploit hundreds of women, and create something that could easily be weaponizable."

"It is extremely widespread," Wayne added. "If it happened to me it's got to be happening to a lot of other females."

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A Marine spokesperson said: "A Marine who directly participates in, encourages, or condones such actions could also be subjected to criminal proceedings."

An unidentified Marine was convicted for the Marines United Facebook scandal on June 29, reports The Daily Beast. He pleaded guilty at a court-martial, was sentenced to 10 days in a military jail, and lost three ranks and two-thirds of his monthly pay.

Marine Maj. Clark Carpenter told The Daily Beast about the investigation:

Since February, NCIS has scanned nearly 131,000 images across 168 social media sites and has reviewed information related to 89 persons of interest as a result of incidents related to the non-consensual sharing of explicit photos and other online misconduct. To date, command dispositions have resulted in one summary court-martial, two administrative separations, seven non-judicial punishments, and 22 adverse administrative actions.

Sources: The Daily Beast, ABC News / Photo Credit: DVIDSHUB/Flickr, Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa/U.S. 6th Fleet/Flickr (2)

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