Man Believed To Be Impersonating A Military Veteran Confronted By Two Marines (Video)


A bizarre viral video shows two marines confronting a man that appears to be impersonating a military veteran himself.

In the video, two marines, one of whom is filming, approach a man dressed in a uniform who claims to be a “Sergeant Major.” When the marines question him about his service, his answers don’t seem to add up and they become suspicious. The man claims to also be a military policeman and a special forces operator.

Eventually, the marines call the man out, and he starts to get defensive.

“You know that’s called false valor?” one of the marines says. “It is a federal crime for you to be wearing that uniform.”

“No it’s not,” the man shoots back. “You can get out my face right now… because I’m a military officer as well.”

The marines believe that this is a case of stolen valor, but as the video ends, the man in the uniform still insists he is a veteran.

Check out the bizarre confrontation below.

Warning: Strong Language

Sources: TheBlaze, Blackfive, Facebook


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