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Marine Veteran Assaulted By Teens Outside A Washington, D.C. McDonald's

A Marine veteran was allegedly assaulted at a McDonald’s after a group of teens asked him if he believed black lives matter. 

Christopher Marquez is an Iraq veteran and the recipient of the Bronze Star for valor. 

When purchasing food at a Washington D.C. McDonald’s on Feb. 12, Marquez was allegedly approached by a group of teens who began harassing him about the Black Lives Matter movement, the Daily Caller reports.

Individuals in the group reportedly asked him, “Do you believe black lives matter?” several times. Marquez ignored the teens, who then began shouting that he was a racist.

The veteran left the restaurant when he finished eating and was allegedly assaulted when he stepped outside. He suffered a hit to the back of the head, which rendered him unconscious.

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When Marquez woke up outside the McDonald’s, his wallet (which contained $400 in cash), three credit cards, his VA medical card, a school ID, his driver’s license, and metro card was missing.

“I remember this group of teens harassing me while I was eating, they surrounded my table and kept on asking me ‘Do you believe black lives matter,'” Marquez told The Daily Caller. “Then they started calling me a racist. I can’t recall if they were saying anything else to me at this moment because the blow to my head really screwed up my memory.”

The restaurant’s manager, DeAnthony Mason, reviewed security footage and told Marquez that a teen in a white shirt had attacked him when he exited the restaurant. The rest of the group then surrounded him while he was unconscious and stole his belongings.

Marquez found a cab driver when he regained consciousness, who drove him to apartments across from American University, where he is a student. 

School employees called the police, who brought the veteran to George Washington Hospital, where he underwent an examination. He was treated for head trauma and an eye contusion.

The Daily Caller reports that roughly $115 was subsequently spent using the card. Purchases were made at a liquor store, Walmart, and Five Guys .

Marquez told the Daily Caller he believes the attack was a hate crime.

“Too many of these types of attacks have been happening against white people by members of the black community and the majority of the mainstream media refused to report on it,” Marquez said.

Marquez said that he believes the group of teens is “dangerous” and that they “will do this type of thing again if they are not caught.”

Sources: The Daily CallerThe Blaze / Photo Credit: The Daily Caller

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