Marine Veteran Shoots, Kills Armed Man Who Was Robbing Game Stop Store

HOUSTON – A trip to a Game Stop store turned bloody when two armed robbers encountered an armed Marine veteran who was sitting at a nearby Quizno’s.

Around lunch time on Thursday, two men showed up at the Game Stop wearing hoodies and masks -- and carrying guns. The men proceeded to rob the store, shoving X-boxes and games into the trunk of their car.

Meanwhile, a 28-year-old Marine veteran had just sat down to eat at the Quizno’s, which was right next door to the Game Stop.

When the veteran witnessed the robbery taking place, he sprung into action. The robbers, emerging from the store, ran into the Marine.

The veteran had a conceal carry permit, and was armed with a gun of his own.

As Deputy Thomas Gilliland, spokesperson of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, said, the veteran saw that one of the robbers was armed and “pulled his weapon.”

“He also told someone in Quizno’s to call 911, that the store was being robbed,” Gilliland added.

A quick but lethal bout of shooting ensued: the robber raised his gun at the veteran, prompting the veteran to fire back. Several shots were fired before the robber decided to try to flee; he had climbed into his vehicle when the Marine veteran shot and killed him.

The second suspect, who had torn off his mask and hoodie, was arrested in another parking lot.

The Marine veteran, although uninjured, is said to have been shaken up after the shooting.

No one else was injured, although the glass door of a nearby yogurt shop was shattered and has yet to be repaired.

Town resident Kris Martin has expressed gratitude to the Marine veteran who stepped in and took action.

“This is our neighborhood and I just want to say thank you,” Martin said. “My kids go in that Game Stop and it could’ve been anyone’s child.”

The suspects’ names have not been released, although they have been described as Hispanic males in their 20s.

Sources: ABC 13, Click 2 Houston

Photo Sources: Hot Hardware, Free Game Update


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