Hear This Marine's Touching Rendition Of Michael Buble's 'Home' (Video)


U.S. Marine Matt Bussen was on a plane flying home from training when he began singing over the intercom, much to the pleasure of his fellow passengers who caught the performance on video.

The flight attendant asked Bussen to sing on his flight home from Alabama, in an effort to pass the time.

In the video, Bussen makes his way to the intercom as his marine buddies shout out song requests. However, Bussen eventually decided on Michael Buble’s “Home” to sing.

Bussen’s performance was so touching that many of the passengers fell silent during the video. It’s pretty clear during the video that Bussen identifies with the song, along with his fellow marines who high-five him at the end of the video.

To date, the video has accumulated almost 300,000 views.

Sources: The Huffington Post, God Vine


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