Marine Killed In McDonald's Drive-Thru Over Honked Horn


A former Marine was shot and killed in Bedford, Indiana, on April 22 when a dispute at a McDonald's drive-thru turned violent.

Justin Lampkins, 25, was sitting in line at the restaurant drive-thru when one driver honked their horn, prompting Evan Schaffer, 22, to get out of his vehicle and confront Lampkins, according to WBIW. Schaffer believed Lampkins to be the cause of the honk.

Schaffer walked towards Lampkins' car, punching Lampkins as he sat in the front seat. Schaffer's friends, who were in the car with him, attempted to get Schaffer back in the car, but Schaffer decided to return to Lampkins' car.

Lampkins decided to get out and confront Schaffer, pushing him. Schaffer then drew a gun and fired a single shot into Lampkins' chest.

Schaffer fled the scene, but was later captured by police, who said he resisted arrest. Lampkins was rushed to a local hospital where he died from his injuries. The entire altercation was captured by security cameras in the drive-thru.

"It's a senseless act to kill somebody over a horn," Bedford Assistant Police Chief Joe DeWees told WTHR. "This is one of the most senseless acts I have ever seen."

Authorities were looking to speak with witnesses in the other cars of the drive-thru to get a complete picture of what happened.

"He wasn't violent, he only ever defended to the means he needed to and it came from nowhere this time," said Lampkins' brother-in-law, Erick Stahl, an Afghanistan veteran. "His whole life was riddled with stories of defending people when they needed it. He was not violent, he did not act like that. He was not an angry or disrespectful person. He's going to be missed."

Lampkins enlisted in the Marine Corps after graduating high school, and served four years of active duty at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, according to WBIW. He achieved the rank of sergeant before his discharge in 2015.

Schaffer is also facing a felony arson charge in Indiana for his alleged role in an apartment fire in February. He told his girlfriend that he wanted to "start fresh somewhere new," and allegedly proceeded to douse the carpet and walls in motor oil before starting the fire.

Another warrant was out for Schaffer's arrest in nearby Dodge County, Indiana, for carrying a weapon without a permit and transporting a loaded firearm. Schaffer is due in court May 2 to face the arson charges, and is currently being held in lieu of $10,500 bail.

Sources: WTHR, WBIW / Photo credit: Mike Mozart/Flickr

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