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Marine Shoots Nude Man in Self-Defense

A 24-year-old Camp Lejeune Marine, who shot and killed nude intruder David Darling on April 8 in Jacksonville, North Carolina, will not face prosecution, said District Attorney Ernie Lee.

Lee told The Daily News: “I hope it does serve as a deterrent. You are putting your own life at risk. I would hope that anyone thinks before they act.”

According to Lee, Darling was naked while walking up and down a street shouting that he was high and on a bad trip.

A witness said Darling was acting aggressive and ran to a home when residents turned on the porch light. A Marine's wife opened the front door and the nude man charged at her.  She shut and locked the door. The residents called 911.

Darling then punched the screen out of a window and jumped into the living room.

The Marine, in the home, used a.45-caliber handgun to shoot Darling three times in the back, according to Lee.

The Marine tried to give aid to Darling, but he was dead.

There was no alcohol in Darling’s system, but there were no tests performed for drugs. Based on the statements by Darling and paraphernalia found in his home, Darling was believed to be under the influence of an unknown substance.

Lee said: “Based upon my review of the facts of this case, the occupants of the residence were justified in using deadly force against Darling because the actions of Darling caused the occupants to reasonably believe it necessary to use deadly force to protect their lives."

Darling’s aunt, Monica Sawyer-Stevens told The Daily News: “Nobody down there knows him. They read a story like that and assume the worst. David was a good person. He’s not a thief. He wouldn’t intentionally hurt someone.”


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