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Motorcycle Crash: Marine Saves Two Women (Video)

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An Indiana marine saved the lives of two women who would have otherwise died in a severe motorcycle crash (video below). 

Stephen Wilson stopped to help after the two women were hit by a car while riding their motorcycles. Wilson pulled over after spotting the women lying on the concrete, and was reportedly just 90 seconds behind the devastating accident. 

When he pulled over, Wilson bolted from his car and found that one of the women’s legs was severed and bleeding badly. He applied a tourniquet to 54-year-old Terri Penrod’s leg, which he made using belts supplied by onlookers and even dead corn stalks from a nearby cornfield. 

“She was in critical condition. You know, every minute was going to be a different outcome if we waited longer so I just knew I had to act fast and keep a good head on my shoulders and be calm. Make sure everyone else stayed calm to get through a situation like that,” he told 21 Alive News. 

Wilson was ultimately hailed as a hero, though he rejected the label and said he was acting on instinct. He said he hopes someone would do the same for him if he was in a similar situation.

“The night that it happened I went home. I didn't know exactly what kind of condition she [Penrod] was in and that kind of-- it rode on me a little bit. I had a hard time sleeping, and it was on my mind quite a bit knowing how she turned out. But knowing the fact that they're both going to come through it, they're going to be okay, it makes me feel pretty good to know that I did the best I could to help,” he said. 

Both women were taken to a nearby hospital by helicopter and later listed in fair condition. They ultimately survived the incident. 26-year-old Joshua Crawford was charged for striking the women on their bike and causing the accident.

Crawford was driving with a suspended license but not arrested because of the type of suspension. 

“Once a Marine, always a Marine,” one reader commented on Little Things. “You are an asset to America.”

Sources: Little Things, 21 Alive / Photo credit: ABC/YouTube

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