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'The War Wasn't About Any Of That': Marine Writes Insightful Blog Post On 'American Sniper'

A reported Marine veteran decided to write a blog post defending the highly criticized Clint Eastwood film “American Sniper,” and in the post, he praised the movie for painting a real picture of what it’s like for war veterans.

Since the movie’s release, many people have been outspoken in their contempt for the film about Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle. In his blog post, however, the author, who goes only as Grifter, said that people are missing the entire point of the movie.

“What the movie accomplishes, for me and for US is that it finally depicts WHY coming home is the hardest part for most of us,” the veteran says. “So many movies in Hollywood either touch briefly on the subject, but miss the mark. The Hurt Locker, love it or hate it, has a very poignant scene in the grocery store where Renner’s character has returned from a tour in Iraq and life seems mundane and boring compared to the excitement and rush of defusing bombs. The premise is botched in that, most veteran’s aren’t missing the experience because they’re bored and need an adrenaline rush; they miss their brothers and that bond that frankly WILL NEVER be experienced here at home. THAT is the drug for which most of us are fiending.”

Grifter goes on to explain that, in his opinion, the movie had nothing to do with the Iraq War, President George Bush, or 9/11, and the experience of the military member who fought overseas is the exact reason why.

“The film wasn’t about any of that because for US, the war wasn’t about any of that,” Grifter claimed. “Do you think any of us gave a fuck about Saddam Hussein, WMD, Bush, Cheney, or any of that shit that was being ejaculated by the news? The film wasn’t about grey areas, because to us it didn’t matter. All that mattered to us was the guy to our left, and the guy to our right…and especially the guy that still had a can of Skoal.

“It wasn’t that we were willfully ignorant of the issues surrounding the Iraq, or that we were in denial, but when your finger is on a trigger, when you’re face is covered in your friends’ brain matter, you aren’t thinking about ‘good and evil’ or ‘grey areas.’”

Grifter went on to criticize those who have come out bashing the film, saying that the movie probably just isn’t for them anyway.

“To those that saw it as more 'pro Bush/Iraq/Right Wing/anti-Muslim' political statement and wants to bash it and our military, I say this: The movie wasn’t for you. It was for the guy with mud on his boots and a hole in his heart, and for the families that are left to pick up the pieces,” Grifter bluntly wrote. “Go back to your latte.”

Do you agree with this veteran’s perspective on the “American Sniper” controversy?

Sources:The Blaze, OAF Nation / Photo Sources: The Blaze, OAF Nation


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