Marijuana Use Poses Severe Health Risks

I smoked with a freind for years however I become very paranoid especially when we were at work.I could not function the THC is very very strong these days.One thing that woke me up was when I backed into a power pole and thought what if someone was behind me I could have killed them.I did smoke in high school.Some of the prominent so called freinds entroduced it to me.It did not seem as bad when I was in my teens and dumb.I quit in 1987.I had smoked with my freind and neighbor for ten years and his deal was to light his pipe every morning like a cup of coffee.He is dead now due to dementia and COP his heart gave out and he had a hole in his throat.He could not breathe on his on for 8 months without  a tube in his throat in intensive care.I look into his eyes once when I visited him before he passed he had tears and just turned away because he could not speak and he loved to speak.He smoked all of his life.I now see what Marijuana can do to you.You people that still smoke beware you will suffer soon.Yes it will make you laugh and euphoric however it will also become a long night mare someday!Rmember when you smoke pot or weed or whatever there are many many chemicals in it.If it comes from mexico it will surely kill you fast.


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