Marijuana: Not Just for the Lazy


I personally know of three pot heads who have families and who are very successful professionals.  They take care of their obligations and simply use Marijuana to relax at the end of the day.  They tell me they choose pot over alcohol because it’s not as detrimental to their health, it’s cheaper than going to bars, and it doesn’t give them hangovers.  So I ask you, how did we come to see people who smoke weed as being lethargic hippies? 

If there are more people like my friends out there, and I suspect there are, they certainly wouldn’t make their habit common knowledge.  The laid back pot heads let it be known because they usually don’t have much to lose if their friends found out -- whereas the professionals have much to lose due to the stigma American culture has stapled to it. 

But wait a minute, if there are both lazy and productive pot users, then is it really the plant or is it the people?  That depends.  I think we can agree that someone can be naturally worthless – it doesn’t necessarily take a drug to make that happen.  It also depends on the type of marijuana in use.   To simplify this topic, there are two different types of weed – Indica and Sativa.

In arguing against the legalization of pot, I often see people say things like “Pot is stronger now.  It’s not like it used to be.”  Well, that’s true, but it’s only true because pot is illegal.  In places where it is legal, you have this wonderful choice.  Are you looking for an Indica high or a sativa buzz?  Do you want to turn your mind down and relax, or do you want to be lucid and productive?

So, knowing this, I’m thinking about the people who still feel that all pot smokers deserve to be jailed and/or fined obscene amounts of time and money.  If you don’t think they should be, then doesn’t that mean you think pot should be legal?  It should. 

This is one political issue I feel strongly about, and I want you think about something – Legalization is not the same as Advocating marijuana’s use.  It just protects our family and friends from undeserved consequences. 


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