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Pro-Marijuana "The Teapot Party" Schedules First Meetup

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The recent arrest of music legend Willie Nelson for marijuana possession by the US Border Patrol in Texas has sparked a new national political effort called The Teapot Party.

Rather than stay quiet about the 11/26/2010 bust, Willie sent an email to Steve Bloom of “Let’s start a new party. There is the Tea Party. How about the Teapot Party? Our motto: ‘We lean a little to the left.’ Tax it, regulate it, legalize it. And stop the border wars over drugs. Why should the drug lords make all the money? Thousands of lives will be saved.”

With Willie’s blessing, a page for Willie Nelson’s Teapot Party was created at Facebook. Tens of thousands of people have stopped by to voice their enthusiastic support for our core position: It’s time to end the war on marijuana smokers.

Over 35, 000 people joined the Facebook group in just one week. Teapot Party groups have already formed in all 50 states and some international chapters are developing.

The administrators of the Teapot Party Facebook page are now using the free and open internet platform Meetup Everywhere as their main organizing tool.


Two meet-up dates have been scheduled: December 15, 2010 and January 18, 2011.

The Teapot Party is in its nascent stage. We want our own candidates who support legalizing marijuana and hemp as their main issue.

It’s time for us to take back America to restore our economy and return our liberties, the most important of which is the freedom to responsibly use marijuana.

We’re looking forward to getting feedback from you, the people, the pot-smokers of America. So let’s all join together, one nation under a marijuana cloud, and get this Teapot Party started! -
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