Marijuana Edibles Believed To Have Caused Young Graduate's Death

A college graduate vacationing in Colorado is believed to have fatally shot himself after ingesting marijuana candies while on a skiing trip with family on Saturday.

According to reports, 23-year-old Luke Goodman was on a two-week ski and snowboard trip with family members when he and his cousin Caleb Fowler took a bus to a different town to buy edible marijuana candies. They spent $78 on both the candies and weed before returning back to where their family was staying. When they returned, the two boys began to eat the edibles.

“He was excited to do them,” Fowler told CBS Denver.

Each piece of candy reportedly contained 10mg of marijuana, the recommended dose for an adult, but when Goodman didn’t feel any immediate effects, he reportedly kept eating as many as he could. Goodman ate a total of five candies, unaware that there was a warning on the back of the package.

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“The intoxicating effects of this product may be delayed by two or more hours … the standardized serving size for this product includes no more than 10 mg,” the package reportedly reads.

Hours later, Goodman reportedly started acting strange; he began being jittery and saying a bunch of nonsense. Fowler said he was acting, “pretty weird and relatively incoherent. It was almost like something else was speaking through him.”

The rest of the family decided to leave the condo they were staying at, but Goodman stayed behind, and once they were gone, he took a shotgun and killed himself.

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Now, Goodman’s mother says she wholeheartedly believes that his suicide was a direct effect of the candies.

“It was completely a reaction to the drugs,” Kim Goodman, Luke’s mom, told CBS Denver.

“It was completely out of character for Luke,” Kim added. “There was no depression or anything that would leave us being concerned, nothing like that.”

Following her son’s tragic death, Kim says her goal is to see edibles gone from stores.

“I would love to see edibles taken off the market,” the grieving mother said. “I think edibles are so much more dangerous.”

Source: CBS Denver

Photo Source: CBS Denver


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