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Should Sick Pets Be Treated With Marijuana? (Video)

Pets might soon be able to legally use marijuana under a bill introduced Tuesday in the Nevada Legislature, reports KRNV-4.

Sen. Tick Segerblom (D) is sponsoring SB 372, which would allow animal owners to get a state-issued medical marijuana card for their pet, only if the owner is a Nevada resident and if a veterinarian certifies the animal has a medical condition that might be alleviated by marijuana.

Sen. Mark Manendo (D), known as an advocate for animal rights, said he is concerned about the safety of giving marijuana to animals.

The late Southern California veterinarian, Douglas Kramer, who passed away in August 2013, was among a small number of experts who believe THC could help canines cope with debilitating and chronic conditions just like it helps humans. But Dr. Kramer also agreed that more research was needed, the Denver Post writes.

In an interview with Vice Magazine earlier that year, Dr. Kramer said he believed dogs suffering from chronic pain or other serious medical conditions should be allowed the opportunity for the benefits of cannabis.

He also commented, “We're using it on cats ... as an appetite stimulant," noting how picky cats become about what they eat when they’re sick.

“Any animal with cannabinoid receptors, including pigs, chickens, monkeys and rats, could feel the effects of THC,” he said.

Dr. Kramer added that he could personally testify to the potential of using pot for relieving animal suffering in some serious diseases. After he ‘dosed’ his own beloved dog Nikita, who had been suffering from terminal cancer, she was up and about and enjoying a better quality of life until she reached the end.

Stating that he understands that more research is necessary to assure dogs will not have an adverse reaction to pot, Sen. Segerblom also believes that it could a safe treatment that relieves suffering. He says he is sponsoring the bill because “veterinarians won’t know unless they try.”

Sen. Segerblom suggested last year that he might introduce this bill when he appeared on a Las Vegas KFOX 5 special report on “Pot for Pets."

Sources: MyNews4, OV, Denver Post, Vice / Photo: Provided, Chris Waits/Flickr


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