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Mariel Hemingway's Pitbull Proves Breed Prone to Violence

Mariel Hemingway’s pit bull recently attacked another dog and two humans in Los Angeles, according to TMZ on December 26, 2010. Mariel is the granddaughter of author Ernest Hemingway. The pit bull is being held in quarantine while animal control investigates the incident, which sent two people to the hospital, according to the report.

Last year, TV host Rachael Ray was facing a similar painful situation with her beloved pit bull, Isaboo, who reportedly engaged in five separate attacks on other dogs. It was reported that the aggression occurred even when Isaboo was being walked on leash and by an experienced dog handler.

Both of these pit bulls were undoubtedly trained and pampered.  It is likely these tragic events could have been avoided by more effective preventive measures, if the owners had been provided a better understanding of the inherent dominant tendencies of pit bulls and not led to believe that love alone can change innate canine behavior. 

This type of incident demonstrates that the animal aggression in pit bulls is due to genetics and instinct. 

Could pit bull attacks be decreased by more honesty about the fact that pit bulls are not “just like any other dog" and that their aggression is NOT solely the result of training, abuse or "bad/irresponsible owners"?


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