Marie Lacombe Billed $200,000 By Suitor Bruce Dusting After Rejecting His Marriage Proposal


A Melbourne, Australia woman who turned down a marriage proposal from a man was shocked when he handed her a bill for more than $200,000 that he claims to have spent on her.

Marie Lacombe, 42, says she and 65-year-old Bruce Dusting were never romantically involved and anything he gave her, except for a $25,000 loan, were gifts and given out of kindness.

But Dusting told Nine Network’s A Current Affair another story, saying that Lacombe “has just destroyed every though of humanity that I’ve had for other people,” and accused her of extracting money to fund Zumba classes, shopping trips and even cosmetic surgery.

The pair met four years ago when she began teaching him dance and became good friends.

But when Dusting asked for Lacombe’s hand in marriage and didn’t get the response he wanted, he slammed her with a hefty invoice outlining everything he’s ever spent on her.

He says the payments, which include dental appointments, Tupperware and even birthday parties for her children, were all loans. Dusting also told A Current Affair that the single mother asked him for money for emergency surgery. When he visited her at the hospital he found out she used the money for breast implants and a tummy tuck.

Lacombe says this is just revenge on Dusting’s part because he got rejected and added she worked as an office assistant for him but was never paid.

“Where’s my money for working for him for four years?” she said. “When he can sit down and give me my pay back, we’ll do the difference.”

The turn of events has left Dusting so heartbroken; he says he will never dance again.

“I’ve probably still got the ability within, physically, Mentally I still have the ability,” he said. “But emotionally it’s just not there anymore.”

Sources: Nine News, Daily Mail


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