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Mariah Carey's Sister - HIV+ And Turning Tricks

I knew from earlier reports that Mariah Carey's sister is an escort. I did not know she is HIV+. A new report in The Enquirer claims the singer's sister Alison is HIV+.

Alison is a mother of four, who has previously been arrested for prostitution is 49 and still charges $250 an hour for sex. Of course if you are going to have sex with her, you also have to worry that you will end up HIV+.

Mariah has helped Alison in the past with trips to rehab and other money, but as of now Alison is cut off financially which has resulted in her turning tricks to make a buck. For her part, Alison says she provides body rubs and companionship.

You would think Mariah would give her a couple of thousand a month just so she does not get the publicity from this. I mean Mariah probably spends more on pet food per month than that.


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