Twitter Reacts To Rubio's Failed Attempt To Hug Ivanka (Photos)


Things got a little awkward at the White House when Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida came to visit and, according to photos, was shot down by first daughter Ivanka Trump when he went in for a hug.

Associated Press congressional reporter Erica Werner photographed the greeting during which Trump was meeting with legislators to discuss child tax credits.

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Social media users poked fun at the image, with the vast majority calling the moment uncomfortable and some even comparing the duo to robots.

"It's like kids were trying to make two mannequins kiss at Old Navy," said one Twitter user.

Another joked that Trump was probably thinking, "Uhg. Ew. Ew. EWWWW!!!"

"Ivanka isn't having a hug [with] Rubio, but men don't have to hug him, so why should she do it???" responded one person. "Can't he shake hands like a normal person?"

One Twitter user said that it could be a cultural difference and explained that Latino households tend to be affectionate greeters who offer hugs and platonic kisses. Even so, that person said it was "one super awkward iteration."

There is no news whether or not Rubio is a notorious hugger, but the Florida congressman did respond to the viral moment on Twitter, saying that he is "investigating" the "alleged failed hug" and "will respond soon."

"We believe we have our own unclassified photographic evidence that will shed greater details on this incident," he joked in a series of tweets. "We are also attempting to acquire multi-angle video which we believe will provide greater insight into this important matter. If you were filming at the Senate carriage entrance today between 11:20-11:25 am we are seeking your assistance with an active investigation."

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Rubio then added the promised photo and said that the pair's faces were "blurred for security purposes."

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"Anonymous sources say [Marco Rubio] planned the alleged failed hug," Trump replied to Rubio's tweet. "I have no comment (but I would have hugged him anyway!)"

According to CNN, Trump and Rubio are teaming up with other lawmakers to explore a family-oriented tax return system that could include adding a federal paid family leave program, which would allow new parents to stay home for six months.

"She's expressed a strong interest in many different elements that I think comprise a pro-family tax reform," Rubio said, according to CNN. "We wanted her and the White House to be exposed to individual members who have been working on pieces that I think can be part of that reform. And we'll see what the next step is, but it's certainly something we're going to continue to work on."

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