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Science Community Plans Protest March On Washington

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As an estimated 3 million people marched in Washington, D.C., and around the world on Jan. 21 to stand up for rights and equality in the face of the new Trump administration, the idea of a new march was being proposed online. By Jan. 25, more than 40,000 people had joined a March for Science Facebook group.

"We accept the following as provisionally true," the group's website writes. "The Earth is becoming warmer due to human action. The diversity of life arose by evolution. An American government that ignores science to pursue ideological agendas threatens not only the environment of which humans are a part, but America itself. Scientific research in the United States is underfunded. Politicians who devalue expertise risk making decisions that do not reflect reality."

"We were inspired (well, infuriated) by the current attacks on science from the new administration," Caroline Weinberg, the group's co-chair and a public health researcher, told The Washington Post in an email. “Slashing funding and restricting scientists from communicating their findings (from tax-funded research!) with the public is absurd and cannot be allowed to stand as policy.”

"This is a non-partisan issue that reaches far beyond people in the STEM fields and should concern anyone who values empirical research and science," a blog post by the group noted, reports The Associated Press.

No date for the march has been set. "We’re still in the very earliest stages. The date will be announced as soon as it is available," a note on the group's website, reads.

The Washington Post adds that, in response to criticisms over the lack of diversity in organizing the Women's March On Washington, the Scientists' March will have a diversity committee to hold the steering committee accountable.

Sources: Scientists' March On Washington, The Washington Post, AP via WYFF / Photo credit: Mark Dixon/Flickr

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