Map: What Each State In America Is Worst At


You can pick almost any activity in the world and someone is bound to be good at it. In the same way, someone is bound to be really bad it. Being the worst at something is just as natural a part of life as being the best at it.

The same concept applies to states and countries. No matter how good a state is at a given thing, it’s inevitable they will be pretty awful at something else. That’s where this map comes in handy.

Reddit user bigafricanhat put together a map showing the things that each state in America is worst at.

Some notable worsts from across the country:

- California is the worst state for business

- New York has the most religious hate crimes

- Maine has the lowest standard of living

- Marylanders curse the most

- Texans are really bad at graduating from high school

- Kentucky residents can’t put down their cigarettes

- Kids living in New Mexico are miserable

Check out the rest of the map below to see what you and your fellow statesmen just can’t seem to do right:

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Source: reddit


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