Map: What Are The Most Common Immigrant Groups In Each State?

Ben Blatt over at Slate continues to churn out some pretty cool maps of America. Last week we shared with you his map showing different languages spoken most around the country, and we’ve got a new one for you today.

This map shows which nationalities represent the largest number of legal immigrants in each state. The map was created using Department of Homeland Security data from 2012. Blatt writes that in 2012, just over one million people were granted legal immigrant status in the U.S. Not surprisingly, the most represented nationality on the map is Mexico. 15% of legal immigrants in 2012 hailed from Mexico.

Here’s the map:

Image placeholder title

Another map was published in the same article showing what happens when you remove Mexican immigrants from the equation. When you do this, people from Asian countries – China, the Phillipines, India, and Myanmar, to be specific -- dominate the map. I would have expected to see a number of other Latin American countries to make appearances, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Check it out: 

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