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Map: The Ten Snobbiest Cities In America

Take a moment and picture yourself in the snobbiest city in the country. What does it look like?

Maybe you see Mercedes and Audis driving all around you. A group of kids in tidy private school uniforms is getting out of their field trip to one of the many local art galleries. Old men in golf attire walk into a four-star seafood restaurant for lunch and cocktails after a round of golf at the country club. You get the picture.

If you have any interest in actually visiting a place like this, we can tell you exactly where to go. The good people over at Movoto recently set out to discover the top 10 snobbiest cities in America, and we’ve got a map to show you what they found. Are you surprised to learn that seven of the 10 cities reside in California? Of course you’re not.

Here is the full list:

1. Pasadena, California

2. Thousand Oaks, California

3.Alexandria, Virginia

4. Naperville, Illinois

5. Santa Rosa, California

6. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

7. Glendale, California

8. Sunnyvale, California

9. Fullerton, California

10. Eugene, Oregon

Here’s the map:

Image placeholder title

To determine which cities should make the cut, Motovo considered the following factors:

  • - Median home price (the higher the better)
  • - Median household income (the higher the better)
  • - Percent of population with a college degree (the higher the better)
  • - Private schools per capita (the more the better)
  • - Performing arts per capita (the more the better)
  • - Art galleries per capita (the more the better)
  • - Fast food restaurants per capita (the fewer the better)
  • - Country clubs per capita (the more the better)
  • Source: Motovo
  • Photo Source: Daily Mail


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