Which U.S. States Have The Fastest Internet Speeds? (Map)

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Internet speeds vary widely across the United States.

Unlike most developed countries, the U.S. has no nationwide internet infrastructure funding. We also suffer from a widespread lack of competition in the telecommunications marketplace. Internet users have to make the most of whatever infrastructure has been put in place by internet service providers in their area, which can vary a lot between, say, Washington D.C. and Montana.

Want to see how your state’s average internet speed compares to others across the country? We’ve got a map for you, courtesy of Broadview Networks. Virginia and D.C. are the top dogs in internet speed, with Massachusetts, Delaware, and Washington state not far behind:

Internet speed is measured in megabits per second (mbps). America’s average internet speed as a whole is 10 mbps, which ranks 10th in the world. Check out this list from Xconomy showing the countries we lag behind: 

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Sources: Broadview Networks, Xconomy


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