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Map: How Stressed Out Is Your State?

We all know that people in different areas of the U.S. live very different lifestyles. Someone from New York City probably doesn’t have much in common in their daily routine with someone from rural Montana.

Of course, these different ways of life bring different levels of stress with them. Have you ever wondered which areas of the country are the most – and least – stressed out? We’ve got your answer.

The smart people over at Movoto did some research trying to uncover stress levels in different parts of the country. They examined factors like a population’s average commute time, unemployment rate, hours worked and population density to find their answer.

After taking everything into account, which state was found to be the most stressed? Florida. Despite the state’s reputation as an easy-going, sun-filled land, Floridians are running on more cortisol than anyone else.

The top 10 most stressed states are as follows:

1. Florida                                                  

2. Georgia

3. New Jersey

4. California

5. Nevada

6. Illinois

7. New York

8. Maryland

9. North Carolina

10. Arizona

Curious to see where you state ranks? Here’s the full map:

Image placeholder title

Sources: Movoto


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