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Map: Marijuana Usage Rates Across America

According to the latest numbers from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), no one loves weed more than the fine people of Rhode Island.

The NSDUH found that 13% of Rhode Islanders over the age of 12 admitted to smoking marijuana in the last month. That rate of consumption puts them above even residents where marijuana is legal, like Colorado and Washington.

Nationwide, roughly seven percent of people over the age of 12 admit to using marijuana in the last month. Due to underreporting, the number of people actually using is likely even higher.

Other states with high usage rates include Alaska, Colorado, Montana, and New Mexico. At least 9% of residents in these states admit to using marijuana in the past month.

The NSDUH’s numbers also show that people in the west use weed more than people in other regions of the country. Overall, about 9% of people in the west admitted to using in the past month, while just 5% of people in the South did.

Not surprisingly, people ages 18-25 use marijuana more than any other age group. This trend is typically seen with other illegal drugs as well.

Curious to see how the rest of the country’s marijuana usage rates shake out? Check out this map:

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Sources: NSDUH, Washington Post, SAMHSA


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