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Photos Of Gator At Disney Weeks Before Deadly Attack

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Many people are wondering how an alligator could have possibly been able to attack and kill a toddler at Disney World.  

According to TMZ, a gator had once tried to board a log raft that takes Disney World patrons to Tom Sawyer Island. The raft runs along the Rivers of America, and the gator can be seen in the photos trying to board the raft.  

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These photos were reportedly taken in May, a month before the tragic incident where an alligator snatched and killed a toddler in Disney World.

In that incident, which occurred on June 14, 2-year-old Lane Graves was standing in about a foot of water by the hotel where his family was staying, when he was attacked by an alligator. The gator snatched Lane and dragged him into the man-made lagoon. His body was discovered a day later, and medical examiners ruled the cause of death to be drowning and severe trauma.  

TMZ posted the photos of the alligator attempting to board the log raft to its Facebook page on June 17, which prompted a mixed outpouring of responses: Some put the blame for the attack squarely on Disney's shoulders, while others defended the iconic theme park. 

"Why have alligators in a place where children come," one poster wrote. "That's asking for trouble."

" ... [I]t's Florida," another person commented. "Disney World is literally built on a swamp. Why are we surprised that they're there. It's like building a cabin in the woods & being shocked to see a bear."

Disney's Rivers of America, where the photos were taken, sits less than 2 miles from the Seven Seas Lagoon, where Lane's body was found, TMZ notes.

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