Manure Fetishist Sentenced To Five Years For Threatening Farmers

A British man with a fetish for rolling around naked in cow manure was sentenced to five years in prison after he made death threats against the owners of a West Cornwall farm.

David Truscott, 43, threatened to burn down Clive and Jackie Roth’s farm after the couple banned him from their property in 2004.

Truscott was arrested in 2005, 2009 and 2011, but he continued to return to the couple’s property, rolling around in cow pats and masturbating, Judge Philip Wassall told the court on Friday.

The Roth’s tried to deter Truscott by removing the slurry from their fields, but this only made him angry.

On several occasions he set fire to their milking parlor, a tractor, a shed and hay at the farm.

The 2009 arrest was for stripping naked and climbing into the Roth’s slurry spreader. He was sentenced to 16 weeks in jail. Upon his release, he back to the farm and sat naked in cow manure again. He was jailed for another 20 weeks.

He was living in a series of hostels while being treated for an undisclosed form of autism. Hostel owners allegedly allowed him to indulge in his bizarre behaviors. During that time, he sent the family threats about burning down their farm and tying their 17-year-old son to a tree and dousing him in gasoline.

He allegedly bragged about having more than $3,000 cash and how he would use it to buy a hit man.

Truscott’s sentence will begin in a mental hospital, the Daily Mail reported. If he is deemed well enough to be moved to a correctional facility, he will complete his sentence there.

“You expressed your anger and frustration at the people who owned the farm,” Judge Wassall said in his ruling. “They must have been at their wits’ end that you kept coming back to their land. They are living in fear of seeing you again."

"From everything I have heard and read I have not the slightest doubt you are a dangerous offender who poses a very real risk of causing serious harm," he added. “In your case that could be anyone who owns a farm but at the moment it particularly applies to this family."

Sources: Gawker, Daily Mail


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