Manuael Ernest Dillow Arrested for Firing Blank Shots at his Students


Manuael Ernest Dillow, who teaches at a vocational school, William H. Neff Center, in Abingdon, VA., was arrested Wednesday after allegedly pulling a blank firing gun on his students, pointing it their direction and firing multiple times.

Dillow was charged with 12 felony counts of brandishing a firearm on school property.

The Washington County Sheriffs Office reports the charges are class 6 felonies, with each count could mean up to five years incarceration and a $2,500 fine.

The police report says that Dillow "pulled a blank firing handgun, black in color, from the back waistband of his pants and discharged the weapon between four and ten shots in the direction of the line of the students. No students were physically injured as a result of the incident."

School Superintendent Jim Sullivan notified the Sheriff’s Office of the incident. Dillow was released on a $20K bail and will appear in court in May.


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