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Mansfield Teen Robbers Caught After Underwear Was Captured On CCTV

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Two Nottingham teenagers, who bragged about their newsstand robbery and assault minutes after it occurred, were caught when police identified the boys’ underwear on a traffic surveillance camera.

According to police, Reece Winfield, 18, and Corey Hobson, 17, were arrested two days later wearing the same low-slung pants and underwear.

The two made little effort to hide their actions and posted photos of stolen cigarettes and alcohol on Facebook just 500 yards away from the scene of the crime. Hobson also commented on an article that reported the robbery and claimed the crime as his own work.

“These two made it very easy for us to track them down,” said Detective Sergeant Phil Sims of the Mansfield Criminal Investigation Department. “In the end, you could say they were well and truly caught with their pants down.”

Two days before the robbery, Winfield and Hobson set off a homemade petrol bomb in a Nottingham street then filmed and posted it online.

Both were charged with robbery and attempted arson at Nottingham Crown Court on Thursday. After pleading guilty, they were sentenced to 3 years in a prison-like institution for youth. The pair was also ordered to pay $180 each to the battered shopkeeper.

"They obviously thought it was funny to brag about their crime, sparing no thought for their victim,” Sims said. “I doubt they are laughing now.”

Sources: MSN, Daily Mail


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