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Police Searching For Pickup Truck Driver With Racist Sign Accused Of Running People Off The Road

Minneapolis police are searching for a man accused of running people off the road because of their skin color.

The incidents occurred in south Minneapolis between Jan. 11 and Jan. 15, CBS reported. The husband of one of the victims is now speaking out.

Douglas Mackbee said his wife was dropping their daughter off at daycare when she heard honking from a pickup truck.

“She noticed a vehicle on her left side in the left lane was honking non-stop,” Mackbee said. “She noticed that the driver of the vehicle was looking directly at her. They were pointing at her. They were yelling.”

When Mackbee’s wife slowed down, the pickup truck driver did the same. When she sped up, the driver followed and ran her off the road.

As the truck sped off, Mackbee noticed something.

“She noticed the sign on the back of the truck,” Mackbee said. “That’s when she became afraid.”

The sign bore the N-word. Mackbee said he called police and was told there was nothing they could do because the incident was considered a civil matter.

“So at that point, feeling powerless, I reached out to my social network on Facebook and gave a description of the incident and the vehicle and I asked my network to look out for the vehicle for the sake of public safety,” Mackbee explained.

A co-worker spotted the vehicle two days later and took a photo of the truck and the sign. That picture was shared on social media and forced police to take action.

“City council members were being tagged, multiple police precincts … I think the Minneapolis Police Department figured this was something they needed to pay attention to,” Mackbee said.

Police have learned of a second incident where the same truck was seen trying to run people over on a sidewalk.

The truck driver is described as a middle-aged white man with a long red beard. A younger, clean-shaven man was reportedly seen in the passenger seat of the truck.

Mackbee’s wife said she believes she was targeted because she is black and because she was wearing a scarf over her head the morning of the incident.

The investigation is ongoing.

Sources: CBS, Facebook / Photo Credit: CBS

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