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Man's Wife Gets Pregnant Despite One Shocking Thing

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A woman was forced to deny cheating on her husband after she found out she was pregnant, despite the fact that he had a vasectomy. 

After having five children, Colby and Ashley Grace decided to stop having kids and pursue a vasectomy in 2015. However, unbeknownst to them, the operation failed.

“He asked me if I’d cheated,” Grace told the Daily Mirror.

“I asked because it was such a moment of shock," Colby added. "But really there were no doubts."

The mother said she recalls the moment she realized she was expecting. 

“I think Colby thought I was kidding,” she said. “Then he asked if I’d cheated on him. I was surprised, as we have the best relationship ever. Colby said he never doubted that the baby was his, but there was something weighing on him.” 

The couple’s son conceived post-vasectomy, Sawyer, was born in June 2016.

“When he got the vasectomy, people joked that it would fail. I didn’t believe them,” Grace said. “But there was never any doubt in my mind we’d keep Sawyer. He is our son. When he arrived, I couldn’t believe it. I thought I was done with being a mum. He was always meant to be.” 

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The couple said they are enjoying being new parents again, despite the shocking revelation that the vasectomy didn’t take. Colby ultimately had another vasectomy, which worked as it should.

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“I was really shocked, there was no expectation Ashley could be pregnant,” the husband and father-of-five said of his wife’s surprise pregnancy.

In a similar story, a woman was given a lie detector test to determine whether she was lying about not cheating on her husband, who had a vasectomy right before she got pregnant.

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“You’re just taking me for a mug," the husband, Carl, told his wife. "Fifteen years it’s a waste. Well it isn't a waste, I've got four beautiful children."

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