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Man's Trip To Dentist Takes Shocking Turn

An Indiana man woke up in a dentist's chair to find that all of his teeth had been removed rather than the four teeth he was set to have pulled.

Donny Grisby was scheduled to have four of his teeth pulled in March 2015 at White River Dental in Columbus, Indiana. However, once he woke up from the procedure, he had a big surprise waiting for him.

According to Donny's wife, Amanda, she sat in the waiting room for five hours during her husband's procedure before finally asking for answers.

"What do you mean you elected to pull all of his teeth?" Amanda asked the dentist.

Donny's dentist said that they were afraid his infection -- the reason his teeth were being pulled in the first place -- would spread to the rest of his mouth.

"There is blood all over him, all over his shirt, and my husband is droopy eyed, not responsive." Amanda told KPTV. 

Donny was rushed to the hospital and coded twice in the ambulance on the way.

"I am so ashamed now," Donny said. "I have no teeth. I woke up with no clothes on. I was scared."

Donny says he still has blood clots in his mouth after the procedure and is still unsure why the dentist would pull all of his teeth.

"I just want to get teeth in my head and go on," he told KPTV.

In a statement released to WRTV by the dentist, Dr. Aaron Strickland, he said he is "unable to respond to media about any patient allegations directed toward himself or his dental practice without express written consent from the patient or patient representative."

Sources: KPTV, WRTV / Photo credit: KPTV

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