Man's Text Message To Young Woman After She Turned Second Date Goes Viral (Photo)


A woman named Lauren Crouch was reportedly on a date with a man she’d met on Tinder when he demanded the $5 back that he’d used to buy her a coffee. And this may not be the first time he's pulled this move.

Crouch, 28, originally met the man for their date outside her local Tube station, according to a No. 12 post on her Tumblr page "No Bad Dates, Just Good Stories." Instead of going for a drink, he suggested that they have a coffee at Costa across the street.

After about 20 minutes of conversation, the man offered to make her dinner at his house. He explained that he had to return home for an Ocado delivery, a local grocery delivery service.

Crouch declined and the two parted ways. When the man texted Crouch later, however, things got ugly.

“Hey, it was good to see you tonight,” the man texted Crouch. “Fancy meeting up again?”

When Crouch again politely declined, noting that she didn’t believe they had chemistry, the man asked for his money back.

“Ok, fair enough. Can you pay me back for your coffee?” he wrote. “I don’t like wasting money. Prefer to use it on a date with someone else.”

Crouch replied that she would rather donate $5 to charity to give him a chance of some decorum. She suggested that he donate to the Royal British Legion in honor of Armistice Day.

The man boldly replied that he would use the money the way he wanted to and gave her his bank account information to transfer the money.

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(Pictures of text conversation between Lauren Crouch and the man she got coffee with. Photo Credit: No Bad Dates, Just Good Stories)

Shockingly, this isn't the first time a man has asked a woman for money back after a date.

Another woman went through a remarkably similar situation, in which a man she met on Tinder asked to cook dinner for her after they had gotten a drink together, Daily Mail reported in September. The woman declined, and he then asked for a roughly $7 refund for her drink.

The striking similarities between these two incidents begs the question: Could this be the same man? The fact that both text conversations start the exact same way seems to indicate that this might be the man's signature move.

Here's the text conversation between the woman and her date, courtesy of Daily Mail:

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Sources: No Bad Dates, Just Good StoriesDaily Mail / Photo Credit: No Bad Dates Just Good StoriesToshihiro Oimatsu/Flickr


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