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Man's Text Exchange With Woman He Refused To Have Sex With Goes Viral (Photo)

A man posted screenshots of a text conversation he had with a woman he reportedly met on a first date, who abusively demanded to know why he didn’t have sex with her. 

The man posted the screenshots on Imgur, and they quickly went viral.

“Can I ask you something?” the unidentified woman asked.

“Yeah,” the man replied.

“Why didn’t we have sex last night…?” she asked.

“I’m not really sure. Just didn’t feel like it. That bad?” the man asked.

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The woman then began getting angry, telling him she spent two hours getting ready, shaving her legs.

“I’m actually super f------ p----- I wasted 2 hours of my time getting ready for nothing,” she said.

“‘Didn’t feel like it’? Um okay? Well I did so? I literally kept giving you hints and was trying all night????”

The man explained that he “just didn’t want to” and said it was “just sex.”

“The big f------ deal is I wanted to, and you should’ve had sex with me. Are you f------ gay or something? Is that the big deal you didn’t do it?” she replied. The man insisted that he wasn’t gay and that it was his choice to decide he didn’t want to sleep with her. 

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“Like what’s the issue? Are [you] actually gay and lying?” she accused. “Am I that f------ hideous? Not that f------ hard to whip your d--- out???”

“No you’re attractive,” the man replied. “I just didn’t want to. I’m not gay, you need to calm down. What the hells your issue? I thought you were cool, I guess not. No means no. I don’t need a reason.”

The woman insisted that “no means no” when she says it but not when he does, then accused him of having a small penis. 

“Give me actual reasons,” she said. 

“Well I’m well endowed, not that it’s any of your business. Listen, I don’t need reasons. How hypocritical of you. Rape is only rape for women, got it,” the man replied. 

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The conversation quickly went viral, with many expressing their disgust for the woman's attitude.

“Just like women don't owe men sex, men don't owe women sex. Period. No exceptions,” one reader commented, the Daily Mail reported.

“No means no when I say it” what the f--- is wrong with people,” another added. 

Sources: Daily MailMetro / Photo credit: Imgur via Daily Mail, Richard BH/Flickr

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