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Man's Star Wars Christmas Light Show Goes Viral (Video)

Some people really go all out with their holiday lights, but one California man decided to combine his love of Star Wars with his enthusiasm for the holidays to create a holiday light show at his home that has taken the Internet by storm.

35-year-old Tom BetGeorge of Newark, California moved into his home two years ago and decided last year that he wanted to make his Christmas light display bigger than ever. BetGeorge, a music director at a conservatory, used his education, experience, and an encounter with a light show computer program to create the 70,000-light display. Back in April 2013, BetGeorge helped some female students with a dance piece for a show, and upon encountering the light show design software, he decided he would use it for his Christmas lights.

“I said, 'Wait a minute. I could do this at my house for Christmas,'” BetGeorge told the NY Daily News last year.

BetGeorge started out by building a giant guitar and piano, 17 feet and 19 feet respectively, and last year, he created a light show that wowed everyone.

Now, BetGeorge has gone even further, and this year’s light show is Star Wars themed. The display features an arrangement of 100,000 lights run by 12,500 separate channels, and the entire thing is set to the music from Star Wars.

Take a look at BetGeorge’s insane light display in the clip below.

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