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Man's Sign Costs Him A $5,000 Fine - But He Doesn't Care (Photo)

An Oregon man who nailed signs to trees warning swimmers about a drop-off at a local lake has been charged with a $5,000 fine and barred from the area.

Michael Medill said he put up signs at Hagg Lake in Gaston with the hope that he might help save swimmers’ lives, according to FOX 12 Oregon. Last month, four people died at the swimming spot.

Medill said he knew what he was doing was illegal as he put the signs up – he even brought bail money with him as he approached the lake, but he thought he was still doing the right thing.

"I just went up there and put them up," he said. "Sure, it's illegal to do it, but who knows? Maybe I saved a life."

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(via FOX 12 Oregon)

Deputies charged Medill because he put up the eight warning boards and put nails in trees at a picnic area.

"Criminal mischief two. I'm right up there with a car thief right now,” Medill said. "I put a few holes in a few trees with quarter-inch bolts. You wouldn't even be able to find them. It's ridiculous."

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(via FOX 12 Oregon)

David Coats, a local who swims often at the lake, said he thinks that the signs are a smart move.

"(Last month’s incident) makes you want to watch everybody's kids," Coats said. "You kind of feel obligated to keep an eye on everybody."

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(via FOX 12 Oregon)

"A lot of people don't know that there's going to be a drop-off out there," he said. "As far as they know, they're walking in to their knees, and then the next thing you know, they're in that channel and goodbye. It's not good."

Medill said that he plans to fight the charges against him and continue trying to alert the community about the drop-off.

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