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Man's 'Pro-American' Halloween Decorations Enrage Neighbors (Video)

A man identified only as Matt has made a political statement with the Halloween decorations adorning his Butler, New Jersey, home (video below).

Matt claims it’s a “pro-American message” regarding the ongoing conflict with Islamic State group — also called ISIS — but the display itself has some neighbors unconvinced of its patriotism, News 12 reports.

Matt’s lawn features a man on fire in a cage and a soldier hanging from a tree with an American flag around his neck.

"Right here we have [President Barack] Obama as an ISIS member, and he's got a decapitated head here, some body parts,” Matt told News 12. "And over here we've got a solider that's hung by ISIS.”

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One of Matt's neighbors said the display was an act of terrorism and she was unable to sleep at night because of it.

"When you see on the news these people that are being beheaded and dying for our country, and he does this? It's offensive,” the neighbor, whose husband and son are members of the military, told News 12.

Matt is unfazed by the complaints.

"I understand that it touches a nerve with some people, but that's just the way it is,” he said. "I'm just trying to scare people. If this is making people uneasy and [the news is] out here, then I guess I'm doing my job.”

Matt says he plans to add more to the display.

Sources: Parsippany Patch, News 12 / Photo credit: News 12


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