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Man Dares Others To Copy His Heartwarming Gesture

Danny Wakefield, a young man from Seattle, bought a $5 sunflower to give to his date from the previous night.

He soon changed his mind, as he explained on his Facebook page: “Last night, I bought a sunflower to put on the windshield of someone I’m smitten with. After some consideration, I decided not to since we had only been on one date, the night previous. Don’t want to come off too strong, right?”

Having already bought the flower, he decided to give it to a stranger instead of letting it wilt.

“I grabbed the flower on my way out this morning with the intention to give it to someone on my way to work so it didn’t die alone,” he explained. “What happened next has left me changed in ways I don’t even have words for yet.”

What happened next is that he went to a coffee shop and noticed a woman crying there.

“It was like there was a magnet in the sunflower that was being drawn to her, because I knew in that moment she was who I was going to give the sunflower to,” he wrote.

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When he did, her reaction is what caused him to write about it on Facebook.

“Before I could even hand her the sunflower, this complete stranger flew into my arms with tears flowing, and gratitude spewing, as if I was someone she once loved, and lost,” Wakefield explained. “It’s what she said next that I’m still trying to grip.”

He soon learned the reason for her emotional reaction: “She was crying because her fiance had died the week before, just months before they were going to get married. On their first date, he brought her a sunflower and from then on, got her sunflowers, never roses, because she was the light of his life.”

The whole experience caused Wakefield to wax philosophical. “You never know how much a simple gesture of giving someone a $5 flower will change their life, as well as yours,” he wrote. “Life is about giving and being of service to others. I challenge you all to find a way to make someone else’s life just a little bit brighter today and be of service. You never know the impact you could have.”

He concluded his deep Facebook thoughts by daring his readers to do what he did and give a sunflower to a stranger, and he even came up with the hashtag #sunflowerchallenge to promote it.

Source: Little Things, Danny Wakefield/Facebook / Photo credit: Danny Wakefield/Facebook via Little Things

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