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Man Forced To Choose Between Girlfriend, Ex-Girlfriend After They Jump Into River, Ask To Be Saved (Photos)


A man was forced to choose between his girlfriend and his ex-girlfriend after they both jumped in a river to see which one of them he loved the most.

Wu Hsia, 21, broke up with his longtime girlfriend, 20-year-old Jun Tang, after he’d met 22-year-old Rong Tsao. Tsao and Hsia began dating, but Tang began to torment the couple and beg Hsia to get back together with her. Fed up, Hsia decided to arrange a meeting between the three of them.

“I was sick of being nagged from both sides,” Hsia told Mirror. “Rong was moaning about Jun and Jun was moaning about her and it all got too much.”

The trio met in Ningbo, and what was supposed to be a civil meeting soon became tense.

“The girls began arguing and the man's ex-girlfriend felt insulted by a comment made by the new girlfriend, and so she jumped into the river calling for her former lover to save her,” a police spokesperson said. “The new girlfriend, fearing that he might indeed jump in to save his ex-lover, then jumped in as well and both of them began calling for him to rescue them from drowning.”

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Hsia decided to jump in and save Tsao, rescuing her and accompanying her to the hospital to get treatment for minor injuries, which were sustained when she hit a boat as she jumped in the river.

“He called his brother on the way home and told him to go to the river and rescue the ex-girlfriend,” the police representative said.

Hsia’s brother, as well as a friend of Tang’s, ultimately called authorities to help rescue her from the river. When firemen arrived to save Tang, she was reportedly “mired to her chest in mud.” They were forced to tie a rope around her and pull her out.

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According to reports, Hsia spoke briefly with his ex after she was rescued, and it looks as though his problems may not be over just yet.

“We broke up 4 months ago,” he told her. “Why you still bother me?”

“I want to bother you,” Tang replied.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror Online

Photo Credit: CEN via, WikiCommons


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