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Trump Supporter Finds Yard Set On Fire (Photos)

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A Donald Trump supporter reportedly found his yard vandalized and set on fire after he painted a sign in support of the controversial presidential candidate.

Clearwater, Florida, resident Craig Sarvis put Trump signs around his property in support of the billionaire’s campaign. In April, however, Sarvis reportedly discovered the signs had been ripped off of his lawn.

He then decided to paint a sign on one of the exterior walls of his home that read, "Elect Trump 2016." The next thing he knew, someone had spray-painted over the sign, egged his home, and keyed his truck. 

The vandal also allegedly set Sarvis’ yard on fire in May.

"To come and start committing acts of crime and vandalizing my personal property has gone way too far," Sarvis told Fox 13.

"Thankfully we live in a humid state and it wasn't able to spread to my house," he added. "We'd probably be standing in front of a charred structure right here."

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Police has started investigating the vandalism and said it could be treated as a felony. 

"In this country, you're allowed freedom of speech, you're allowed to support whoever and whatever you want, but you're not allowed to just go and vandalize somebody's property just because you don't agree with them," police spokesman Rob Shaw said. 

Sarvis said he’s received support from those in his neighborhood — both Republican and Democrat — and added that he intends on repainting the sign. He offered a $2,500 reward for information on the person responsible for the damage. His story quickly went viral, with many readers voicing support for Sarvis.

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"When Trump wins the so called Democrats are going to riot and burn down anything they can even though most of them have no idea what is even going on in this country because everything is free for them," one Daily Mail reader commented. "They will then [blame] it on Trump!"

“This is the statement that people supporting Trump are expressing," another added. "There has been a growing movement that historians will equate to the same as the movement in Germany in the late 30s.

“Our country people are [supposed] to [have] the right of free speech, it is our very first amendment to our constitution and is one of the most important points that makes America America."

Sources: Fox 13, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Fox 13 via Daily Mail

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