Man Hides Girlfriend's Body For More Than A Year

A man in Manchester, England, hosted his neighbors for tea when they noticed a "strange smell," and they were completely horrified when they learned what was causing it.

Andrew Colin Reade, 43, admitted to hiding the body of his girlfriend, Victoria Cherry, 44, in his cupboard after neighbors said they smelled something "dodgy" in his apartment. 

Cherry had been missing since October 2015, according to the Manchester Evening News. On Jan. 16, officers with the Greater Manchester Police discovered her body in Reade's cupboard during a raid.

"This is a very unusual case, a very difficult and sensitive case and a very serious case," Nick Ross, Reade's attorney, said in court.

Ross told the Bolton Crown Court that police were still analyzing toxicology reports and investigating the case.

"The length of time for which this body appears to have rested in an airing cupboard will have made the pathological tests more difficult," Judge Timothy Stead said.

During the trial, Reade pleaded guilty to one charge of intending to prevent the lawful and decent burial of Cherry, and one charge of concealing Cherry's body from Oct. 1, 2015, to Jan. 16, 2017.

Reade also admitted to giving investigators inaccurate and misleading information during the search for Cherry.

Neighbors Glen Kerwin and Gary Sleeman spoke in court about how shocked they were to learn that Reade had kept Cherry's body hidden for so long.

Kerwin, 54, recalled being in Reade's home and smelling something strange.

"Dodgy smells started coming through but Andy explained it away," Kerwin said. "He told us it was from an older occupant that used to live there before him. He also dragged an old carpet into the hall to mask it and had air freshener."

Kerwin continued: "It's shocking that he kept her body in there so long. He told me she had up and left." 

"We had no reason to doubt him," Kerwin added.

The trial continues and Reade will see a psychiatrist while he awaits his sentencing, according to The Sun.

"Vicky was so lovely, she had so much time for everyone and made you feel better about yourself," Sleeman, 37, said. "This is a tragedy."

Sources: Manchester Evening NewsThe Sun / Photo Credit: Manchester Evening News

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