Man Attacks 6-Year-Old Girl In Public Bathroom


A Florida man accused of attacking a 6-year-old girl in a women's restroom has turned himself in to police.

According to WISHTV, Ricky Blake Thompson, 18, turned himself in to Clearwater police after he was seen in surveillance photos and identified.

Thompson has been charged with battery, but told police that "it was an accident [and] that he went into the wrong restroom," according to Clearwater police spokesperson Rob Shaw.

Thompson reportedly told police that he was at the Macy's in the mall to meet his estranged wife and pick up his young son. 

Thompson said that he accidentally walked into the women's bathroom and that a 6-year-old girl saw him from the stall and screamed. He said that he put his hand over the girl's mouth to stop her from screaming and she fell to the ground, police say.

"She panicked and screamed at the sight of a man in the women's restroom and he then panicked," Shaw, characterizing Thompson's account, told WISHTV.

According to WTVT, the girl was not injured in the incident and police said her father said he was proud of how she handled herself with a stranger.

Police are warning parents of young children to use family restrooms when possible and to stay in the bathroom with their children.

Sources: WISHTVWTVT / Photo Credit: WTVT

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