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Facebook Post Details Being Pulled Over With Gun In Car

A Pennsylvania man's Facebook post about his actions during a traffic stop is going viral.

Matt Powers was pulled over near Altoona, Pennsylvania, unsure of what he did wrong. When he realized that his handgun, which he owns legally, was in the car, he became nervous and had to decide quickly whether or not he wanted to disclose this information to the officer.

The officer asked Powers for his license, registration and insurance, and the man told him that he could not comply.

"As I kept my hands firmly locked at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel I immediately stated ... 'For your safety and mine, sir, I would like to inform you that I am a legally armed citizen. I have a concealed carry permit in my wallet,'" Powers wrote in his post.

His problem was that his handgun was in the compartment of his car in which he kept his registration and insurance card, reports Mad World News.

To ensure his safety and the safety of the officer, Powers told the officer exactly where his gun was kept and said, "Please be careful, there is a round in the chamber, the thumb safety is on, and there's an extra magazine with it."

The officer asked Powers to keep his hands on the wheel while he retrieved the weapon, as well as his documents. 

Powers offered to let the officer search him for other weapons as well, so the officer would feel safe. The officer eventually returned Powers' gun and gave him a warning ticket to get his registration up to date. 

"It's about everyone's safety," Powers wrote. "It's about respect. When you treat people with civility you get treated with civility. Thank you Altoona Police Department for having professional law enforcement officers representing your department and protecting the well being of the city."

Sources: Mad World NewsMatt Powers/Facebook / Photo credit: Matt Powers/Facebook

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