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Neighbor's Death Discovered After Man Finds Blood On His Wall (Video)

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An Oklahoma family received the surprise of a lifetime when they discovered the red stain on their wall was blood.

Thomas Kennedy had been living at the Fairfax Apartments in Midwest City, Oklahoma, when his son noticed the red stain on one of their walls.

“I got a sponge and I wiped it,” Kennedy told KOCO (video interview shown below). “Soon as I wiped it, it started coming down again.”

After his cleaning efforts proved futile, he contacted the Midwest City police, who discovered what the stain was.

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“They said, ‘This is blood,’” Kennedy said.

Authorities went to his upstairs neighbor’s apartment to investigate the source of the blood. There they discovered that his neighbor was dead.

“Police said it looked like he fell and hit his head,” Kennedy said.

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A biohazard crew was soon on the scene to clean up Kennedy’s home. He and his family have been moved to another apartment in the building for the time being.

According to a medical examiner, his neighbor died of natural causes. As such, Midwest City police have closed the case.

Upon hearing the story, many people took to Facebook to voice their opinions.

“This sounds like it should be the plot to a horror movie and not a news story!” one person wrote.

“I would not want to move back in there,” another user commented. “They lived unknowingly with a dead body above them …”

Source: ReviewJournalKOCO on Facebook

Photo Credit: KOCO, Jo Naylor/Flickr


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